I’ve realized this blog has become lists and I’m alright with that since that’s primarily what my life revolves around.

  • i intertwine bracelets so they all stay together on my wrist, otherwise they bother me.
  • i thrive on secret blogs.
  • Kitty definitely likes me but when i ask for a kiss, he suddenly becomes very distant.
  • flat iron curls have been perfected (takes less than ten minutes)
  • fonts are one of my favorite things to look at/soak in, but i am sad everyone doesn’t see their beauty. they are pieces of art but everyone is allowed to use them, even make them their own.
  • i don’t wear glasses… i should. but anytime i draw myself, i for some reason include them.
  • flats when it’s not snowing or raining. but yes, i almost always wear them when there is snow or rain on the ground.
  • if anyone new comes to town and we pass the Big Blue Bug, i tell them the story of that time the Big Blue Bug was on tour and they had a baby one in it’s place. every. time.
  • i was in a Disney movie… underdog. skipped school for two days and ate some really great swordfish.

this week:

  • uconn. huskies.
  • #100happydays
  • something I live by: there are two kinds of people in this world. people who don’t like raisins and people who TOLERATE RAISINS. NOBODY LIKES RAISINS.
  • recently, I’ve had this overwhelming irrational fear that I’ve developed food allergies. more importantly, these imaginary food allergies are of foods/bevs that I eat/drink all. the. time. for instance, I had quinoa the other day and I suddenly think my throat is closing. (?) ANOTHER day, I was drinking water out of a blue solo cup and I somehow believed the water was going down as if it were thick. am I allergic to the water because it is in a BLUE solo cup? probably not. 
  • I just had to cut myself off of sun chips for a bowl of raisin bran. no, I know, we all have flaws.
  • Momma and I like dishes. in Home Goods, she frequently finds new every day dishes she wants to buy and states “I should just break what I have so I can buy new ones.”
  • newest addition to my coat world: jcrew color blocked anorak
  • harry’s progression after the surgery
  • our spring menu, specifically the field greens salad (sub kale)
  • cold brewed coffee
  • march/april weekends with college friends (stamford, nyc, storrs)
  • vsco cam (do you all pronounce it vee-sko-cam?)
  • helping and supporting friends with projects
  • my job (still 1000% obsessed)
  • new work projects
  • mission to find a letterman jacket to be worn with slouchy white tee, rolled jeans, heels, and curls. maybe a coral lip. inspiration here


Peeking through allie + zack’s blog posts, I found Allie’s inventory list which I stole; it’s too cute not to. A to Z (the next lovetaza) is one of my blog crushes. Thank you for letting me steal!

making: something in illustrator for my dad // cooking: shows are more fun on mute

drinking: water. three pint glasses down, it was a long night // feeling: emotionally exhausted

reading: the first pages of junot diaz’s this is how you lose her // liking: my windows open

wanting: a transcript of yesterday’s words // waiting: for meg to wake up and call me

looking: at the lifting shingles on my neighbor’s roof // feeling: grounded and secure

playing: with the frayed sleeves of my sweater // wasting: this foggy morning by staying in bed

wishing: my phone charger wasn’t so frayed // smelling: fresh air mixed with fresh flowers

enjoying: silence interrupted by the occasional car // wondering: if the benefit juice bar delivers

loving: the scotch menu i designed for work // hoping: i can bring myself to shower soon

marveling: at how early i woke up (5:30 and ready for the world) // needing: more water

wearing: oversized perfect blue thrifted oscar de la renta sweater // bookmarking: page 16

following: the curve of my mac with my thumb // noticing: mr. charlie dowe sent me a snap

knowing: i need to sweep under my armoire  // thinking: about yesterday’s wake up call

opening: a new tab for correct spelling of armoire // giggling: last occurred yesterday afternoon

I’ve never had anything more than a short attention span. Rooms always end up half organized, agendas half written in. What I do though is fall 2000% in love with things and become their number one advocate. (I think I’ve told over 20 friends about cupcakerie.)

  • Johnny Cash’s quote when asked his idea of paradise: “This morning, with her, having coffee.”
  • this Etsy store where I bought my sister some prints for her birthday in January
  • I’ve decided on a winter wedding (still need a boy though). Favors will include coffee with customized coffee collars and waffles. Lots of white. Lots of fur. Lots of gold. Lots of red lipstick.
  • my new super secret pinterest board. (only one friend knows)
  • coffee. in all forms. hot, iced, cupcake, creme brûlée.
  • #100happydays
  • my favorite red lipstick: nars red lizard
  • cupcakes from a teeny cupcake bakery about a block from my apartment called cupcakerie. specifically their cinco de mayo.
  • duck rillette (please don’t ever leave our menu, I adore you)
  • my citrus print and the handwritten note of brittany wright of wright kitchen
  • bolthouse’s green goddess juice
  • to do lists and idea notebooks

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my hair is greasy in the morning. no, no let me rephrase. my hair (sometimes) has that oh-my-god-you’d-be-lucky-waking-up-next-to-this look but the SECOND I step outside that door, it appears as though I bathed in last night’s fryer oil. **disclaimer: this may indicate I really do need glasses. instead of wedding gifts, I want our guests …

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In ode of Harry’s surgery tomorrow (yikes!), I’d like to showcase his best quality – just how close he will get. Love you.

Harry facts:

  • nicknames include: Sugar Britches, Puppadew, Sugar Pie
  • if you throw a piece of food across the room, he will flawlessly sneak it out of the air but the second a new face is there to watch… he gets stage fright.
  • he winds up to jump on the bed
  • he likes to put his head on a pillow
  • grapes are one of his favorite foods (along with jelly beans and pork tenderloin)


What is it like to be a twenty something year old? Normal twenty-something-year-olds believe it or not are just a tad different than twenty-something-year-olds thought to be known by sites such as #thoughtcatalog and #buzzfeed and #whateverelseihadtounfollow. We’re not (always) these young adults fighting to figure out what we want out of life. It’s not so glamorous (unless you’ve seen my instagrams) and believe it or not, it’s really not that hard. Try and think of a better time you’ll have in your life…except for college.. RIP college. You are on your own (unless you’re still drinking from the bottle Mommy and Daddy are providing) ((I get it, you’re saving money)) and you ONLY HAVE TO worry about yourself.

As a twenty-something, dinner consists of pizza or some other fast food/cafe/coffee shop food that we frequent many times a week. Breakfast looks more like four large coffees and lunch** is about as existent as my love life. Considering I’m at work six or seven days out of the week, dinner usually consists of 1/2 a caesar salad, no fish, light dressing and our chicken dumpling soup. We eat pizza about three or four times a week. There’s this holy grail of pizzas, the steak and mushroom pizza we call it, that would change the beliefs of some of the world’s most strict vegetarians.

As a twenty-something, laundry doesn’t happen as much as I’d like. Lucky for me, there is a free washer and dryer in the basement my apartment. Even luckier for me, there is also a free washer and dryer in the basement of my parent’s house that doesn’t resemble a scene straight from the exorcist. (+1: Harry is at Mom and Dad’s).

As a twenty-something, I threw myself into my job which happens to be a lot easier when you love it. I’m not really just talking “love,” I’m more on the grounds of someone that resembles a stage five, someone who might be one step away from a restraining order. This is what we do as a twenty-something; we find something we love and we take off.

As a twenty-something, we drink. And we drink a lot. Crashing on a friend’s couch is more prominent than we’d like, but it’s part of that “carefree vibe” we’re trying to give off. Who needs a membership to the MoMA to see the new art deco exhibit when you can take a look at my pillow case after a night out?

As a twenty-something, I have more open bottles of wine in my apartment than I’d like to admit. Let me paint you a teeny picture: I’d get home from work around 10:30 (this was in the midst of my Breaking Bad days), crack said bottle of wine, watch one and three quarters of an episode, and doze off with every light on and my glass a third full. Small victory: haven’t spilled one yet.

As a twenty-something, we are too lazy to get up and get important things like chocolate.

As a twenty-something, I have tried and failed too many DIY art projects. cc: DIY coasters, DIY scrapbook paper heart, DIY United States mural.

As a twenty-something, I buy things for my apartment that aren’t *exactly* what I should be spending my money on. “But it’s vintage” and “but it was only $19″ and “but I saw it on Pinterest!” are all, what I consider, valid reasons. I have a beautiful vintage wooden ironing board underneath the windows in my dining room which in theory is supposed to be the home to many succulent succulents planted in many multicolored vases, but as of now, there are three geometric (vintage) vases each with a dead white hydrangea.

As a twenty-something, I am proud of myself. Proud of my career path, proud of what I’ve accomplished, proud of what will happen in twenty fourteen.

As a twenty-something, I eat too much cheese.

**lunch will be eaten if Dad takes me out.


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