making: pitchers of green tea to keep iced at all times // reading: old food magazines

cooking: channels are a necessity // drinking: coffee every morning on the porch

wanting: this yarn tapestry // looking: through a regular’s family photo album

playing: with my short(er) hair // deciding: to include more black in my wardrobe

wishing: for a long fall // following: a long lost girl crush on instagram

enjoying: the lack of humidity // loving: the pharmacy a block away that carries beer + wine

wondering: how delicious a bourbon latté is  // waiting: for a day in boston

considering: making one of my bedroom closets into a cigar rolling room // needing: proofs

watching: orange. is. the. new. black. // hoping: we have a smooth service

marveling: at how amazing nick’s chicken liver pâté is // smelling: pizza doughs being grilled

wearing: black tank with leather detail + exposed zipper, a nude lip // disliking: riesling

admiring: janine tollady‘s life // sorting: through old birchbox products

buying: probably that yarn tapestry // getting: anxious for fall

lusting: to live in the dean hotel // eating: my third gluten free peanut butter cookie

knowing: i need to visit new york soon // thinking: how crazy lucky i am to have gotten this apt

bookmarking: september twenty seventh // liking: sunchokes

opening: the newest to my popcorn collection, sweet + spicy // feeling: fairly fatigued




this week:

  • the simplicity of one really great gold cuff
  • my newest addition to my earring collection, haven’t been able to take them out of my earlobes
  • friends succeeding // demuerteusa.tumblr.com
  • scouring pinterest, streets, cafes for new hair inspiration
  • on the search for antlers (like this or this) // to be displayed over my (new!) fireplace
  • this pendant light // to be tied over a reading nook
  • emily’s announcement this morning! (might’ve cried)
  • inayali‘s instagram // the best of montréal
  • the luxury of eating breakfast instead of grabbing a quick coffee
  • inspiration for a clean simple office


have a great week, xx





Thought Catalog published this article called “6 Reasons Why I Think #100HappyDays is a Waste of Time” with six points (bolded below) developing their idea. Sure, we’ve all seen the jokes, the #happytrods references, the #100crappydays. Not everyone is going to be behind every project, not everyone is going to like every project. But it’s not about what other people think right? Isn’t that what happiness is about anyway?


1. Happiness is usually felt, not seen.

Happiness isn’t about watching the server at Olga’s frantically look for your number so she can deliver your pulled pork sandwich with extra cole slaw? What about when you stand so close to the base of the Providence Art Club and feel utterly overwhelmed with its beauty? I understand happiness is a “feeling” and may not need, or want for that matter, to be articulated in a picture, but let’s not make this harder than it has to be. #100HappyDays has a simple request: each day, take a picture of something that makes you happy.

2. Other people won’t get it why I’m happy with this, with that.

Isn’t that the point?

3. I am generally happy as is.

You’re right. I guess we should never try anything new because at this moment, I am generally happy as is.

4. Being always on the lookout for the “big one” unlinks you with the universe.

Alright, I’m not going to lie to you. Throughout those one hundred days, I was constantly on the lookout for what my #happytrods post will be. But in my case, it did benefit me. The search has led me to neighborhoods I’ve never been, passions that have developed, and ideas that would have never been created. It has led me to realizing it takes me three eggs before perfecting the ideal runny yolk, how my lack of storage space has forced me into creatively displaying my necklaces and shoes, and how my daily purchases can tend to stay within one color family.

 5. Happiness strikes quickly.

“Life’s most genuine moments of happiness are those that usually happen within a blink of an eye, without any screen in between you and the magnificence, and with no buttons to push.” Yes most moments of happiness are within a blink of an eye, but how amazing is it that we can now capture these moments? There’s always a story behind a photograph, maybe something dramatic and fierce, or maybe that it took you so long to construct the photograph that you didn’t have time to eat it but fortunately, the beauty of the photo satisfied that hunger.

6. Sharing my happiness doesn’t make me any happier.

It does. It makes me happy to see other people enjoying something aesthetically pleasing that has been put into the world. It makes me happy to know that someone looked forward to seeing my posts every day, even if it was just Momma. It makes me happy that 3,000 miles away, my sister was gloating to her colleagues over lunch at her design firm. The best part of this challenge is you get to choose which moment you post. It sounds shallow, taking a picture of something that made you happy. Something. It can be anything. ANYTHING. Get creative. Get deep, stay shallow. It’s about what makes you happy, only you.

**to see all #100happydays, visit: http://instagram.com/eetrodson



Why do we love the restaurant industry? Why do we love dealing with the rare distasteful guest, the unruly child, or the 12% tipper? Some say it’s a trap, some say it’s the worst dead end job we can have. People question why we chose this career path (yes, career), they question why we would choose something that occupies up our nights, weekends, and holidays. You don’t always approve. You drill us on where we went to school or if we are in school, what we plan on doing “after this,” when we plan on getting a “9-5.”

This isn’t a phase.

We love this industry. Love. It’s hard work, it’s dirty work, but 99% of the time it’s incredibly gratifying work. We can’t please everyone, but damnit we try. Restaurants are here to provide you with an experience. From the garnish on your dish, to presetting your salad fork, the dimly lit bulbs, to flower heights, restaurants are here to please you. Whether it’s bringing you your regular drink before you ask, or splitting an entrée in the kitchen, addressing you by your name, or greeting you with a champagne toast because we heard it’s your anniversary, we are here to make you remember. We sincerely apologize when things aren’t up to your standards, we refire your dish when your twelve ounce New York sirloin well done is too “tough,” we plate you a dessert when your friend whispers to us on their way to the bathroom that it’s your birthday.

Things get frustrating, don’t let us fool you. Dealing with you can be difficult at times, but that will never affect our demeanor. We are your server, plain and simple. We are here to serve you, to make you happy, to get you whatever you need. Sure, we don’t appreciate the waving of the wine glass, the snapping of the fingers, the scowls when we recite the special, but none of that matters. We are here to serve you. We make jokes while passing each other in the kitchen and move on. If you don’t have a sense of humor in this industry, you won’t make it. We promise you, you will not make it.

But there’s something about this place, about this business, that keeps us needing more. It’s like a high all the time; indescribable, messy, perfect. An empty restaurant before the doors open has a feeling, one hard to put in words. The chefs hustling in the kitchen, the morning light, the cold hard marble bar. It’s the calm before the storm. Before the hundreds of guests, the dozens of dishes being pushed from the kitchen, the shaking of martinis, we can’t get enough. We are addicted.

We fall in love with our regulars, our co-workers, dishes from past menus we wish we could get back (oh duck rillette, how we miss you), craft elixirs, a certain wine. We fall in love when the whole restaurant is in the weeds, with our jokes, our danskos. We fall in love with the reactions guests give us after their first bite, when guests request us for their 40th birthday. We fall in love with guests when they realize we remember their name, the sarcasm, the dishwashers, table five, a napkin fold.

We fall in love with the connections we make with restaurant folk everywhere. We fall in love with how sexy a dish can look, we fall in love with Sunday doubles.  We fall in love with each other all over again when we finally get to sit down after the long shift, favorite cocktail in hand, anxiously waiting to do it all again.


I’ve realized this blog has become lists and I’m alright with that since that’s primarily what my life revolves around.

  • i intertwine bracelets so they all stay together on my wrist, otherwise they bother me.
  • i thrive on secret blogs.
  • Kitty definitely likes me but when i ask for a kiss, he suddenly becomes very distant.
  • flat iron curls have been perfected (takes less than ten minutes)
  • fonts are one of my favorite things to look at/soak in, but i am sad everyone doesn’t see their beauty. they are pieces of art but everyone is allowed to use them, even make them their own.
  • i don’t wear glasses… i should. but anytime i draw myself, i for some reason include them.
  • flats when it’s not snowing or raining. but yes, i almost always wear them when there is snow or rain on the ground.
  • if anyone new comes to town and we pass the Big Blue Bug, i tell them the story of that time the Big Blue Bug was on tour and they had a baby one in it’s place. every. time.
  • i was in a Disney movie… underdog. skipped school for two days and ate some really great swordfish.

this week:

  • uconn. huskies.
  • #100happydays
  • something I live by: there are two kinds of people in this world. people who don’t like raisins and people who TOLERATE RAISINS. NOBODY LIKES RAISINS.
  • recently, I’ve had this overwhelming irrational fear that I’ve developed food allergies. more importantly, these imaginary food allergies are of foods/bevs that I eat/drink all. the. time. for instance, I had quinoa the other day and I suddenly think my throat is closing. (?) ANOTHER day, I was drinking water out of a blue solo cup and I somehow believed the water was going down as if it were thick. am I allergic to the water because it is in a BLUE solo cup? probably not. 
  • I just had to cut myself off of sun chips for a bowl of raisin bran. no, I know, we all have flaws.
  • Momma and I like dishes. in Home Goods, she frequently finds new every day dishes she wants to buy and states “I should just break what I have so I can buy new ones.”
  • newest addition to my coat world: jcrew color blocked anorak
  • harry’s progression after the surgery
  • our spring menu, specifically the field greens salad (sub kale)
  • cold brewed coffee
  • march/april weekends with college friends (stamford, nyc, storrs)
  • vsco cam (do you all pronounce it vee-sko-cam?)
  • helping and supporting friends with projects
  • my job (still 1000% obsessed)
  • new work projects
  • mission to find a letterman jacket to be worn with slouchy white tee, rolled jeans, heels, and curls. maybe a coral lip. inspiration here


Peeking through allie + zack’s blog posts, I found Allie’s inventory list which I stole; it’s too cute not to. A to Z (the next lovetaza) is one of my blog crushes. Thank you for letting me steal!

making: something in illustrator for my dad // cooking: shows are more fun on mute

drinking: water. three pint glasses down, it was a long night // feeling: emotionally exhausted

reading: the first pages of junot diaz’s this is how you lose her // liking: my windows open

wanting: a transcript of yesterday’s words // waiting: for meg to wake up and call me

looking: at the lifting shingles on my neighbor’s roof // feeling: grounded and secure

playing: with the frayed sleeves of my sweater // wasting: this foggy morning by staying in bed

wishing: my phone charger wasn’t so frayed // smelling: fresh air mixed with fresh flowers

enjoying: silence interrupted by the occasional car // wondering: if the benefit juice bar delivers

loving: the scotch menu i designed for work // hoping: i can bring myself to shower soon

marveling: at how early i woke up (5:30 and ready for the world) // needing: more water

wearing: oversized perfect blue thrifted oscar de la renta sweater // bookmarking: page 16

following: the curve of my mac with my thumb // noticing: mr. charlie dowe sent me a snap

knowing: i need to sweep under my armoire  // thinking: about yesterday’s wake up call

opening: a new tab for correct spelling of armoire // giggling: last occurred yesterday afternoon