for the boys

We, my friends, are getting older. In about ten days I will be moving back to Storrs for the final installment of my college years at the University of Connecticut. It pains me in a bittersweet way to even type that sentence but the truth has to come out eventually.  Dressing up every day for my two internships has made me realize that we need some staple pieces in our closets to look the part during these new found jobs.  We are growing up, getting older, and hopefully getting jobs when we get out of school (congrats to my friend Adam who has a job lined up when he gets out of school! Love you!)  I work with mostly women (at both internships) but that doesn’t keep me from noticing any well dressed men that come through the offices. A few days ago, our household received the Brooks Brothers catalog and although their staff is snooty and look down their noses anytime someone worth less than a million dollars walks through their doors, their clothes and accessories are of perfect quality.  Below are a few items that stuck out to me in their catalog that I believe should be in (almost) every man’s wardrobe. 

one: JCrew’s Grey Thin Striped Tie $60

two: JCrew’s University Stripe Tie $70

three: Brooks Brothers Tattersall Sport Shirt $70

four: Brooks Brothers Ray-Ban Wayfarers $145

five: Brooks Brothers Tweed Sport Coat $548

six: Brooks Brothers Oversized Gold Love Knot Cuff Links $225

seven: Brooks Brothers Medallion Perforated Captoe $348

eight: Brooks Brothers City Trench $398


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