reds and greens and yellows

Tasty Tuesdays is what I think I’ll start to call the third day of the week. I am going to try (really really hard) to post a foodie related post every Tuesday; thus the clever name Tasty Tuesday, maybe even Terrifically Tasty Tuesday (too much? what is too much?)  Anywho, one of my favorite meals in the summertime is Caprese Salad. Fresh heirloom tomatoes and leafy basil from the farm in town mixed with pieces of perfect mozzarella drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette could not be a lighter feeling meal for the summer. I can remember the first time I had this salad, my sister Lynne made it for us at her apartment when I was much younger and I’m almost 100% positive that I only ate the cheese. I love cheese, all kinds of cheese. Well that’s not entirely true, swiss is not my favorite. I don’t understand why there are holes in the cheese? Where do they come from? Who put them there? Are they purely for cosmetic purposes or is there an actual purpose? It makes about as much sense as when people put jam in cakes. WHY oh WHY would someone ever put something like JAM in a cake. Always in wedding cakes. Do us all a favor and keep the jam: apricot or peach or strawberry or whatever flavor jam out of cakes. If it is not chocolate, it does not belong.


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