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Shoes. Who doesn’t love shoes? I realized the other day that I have never done a post just about shoes so I thought my second fashion forward friday would be shoes.  I love shoes. I always dress down to the shoes (except for those Ugg days) and it frustrates me when people say they don’t care what shoes they’re wearing as long as they’re comfortable. NEWSFLASH: Cute shoes can be comfortable. I’m not saying buy the five and a half inch stilettos with minimal padding but a cute ballet flat like number one is positively adorable. Why not look cute down to the foot?one : classiques entier eclipse flat $119

two : jcrew’s marcella pumps $238

three : ivanka trump bindy sandal $130

four : BC conch sandal $65

five : zara’s court shoe with cap-toe $90

six : DV madison platform pump $165

(for fun) seven : Jimmy Choo esam crystal heel platform pump $1,700.00


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  1. Marcia said:

    When is your next post? This one has been up for a while!

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