rain slicker not raincoat

Seven days. Seven days until I can do anything. Well almost, I think you need to be 25 to rent a car in some states. Anywho, this week has been one stressful hell of a week. Too many papers, quizzes, exams, fashionistas, meetings, work. I cannot wait to be home with Harry, a cup of tea, and my family + friends.  My birthday has fallen on a particularly busy day of the year. Probably the busiest that my mother and I go through.  We have Thanksgiving at our house every year resulting in the best food I’ve ever eaten which goes hand in hand with the fullest day.  Every Thanksgiving, I turn to my brother-in-law after dinner and say “I’ve never been this full.” He usually replies with something along the lines of “that’s not true” or “you said that last year” which … are equally true.  My mother and I do the bulk of the cooking with added help from my sister, her husband, and my brother and it has to be one of my favorite traditions.  I guess this long convoluted story is the entrance to what I want to do for my birthday this year.  Since my birthday is essentially the busiest cooking day of the year, I’ve decided not to ditch my mother (you’re welcome, Mum) and stay home and cook.  I have already requested the company of my two nieces to sleep over and snuggle all warm and cozy in my big bed, I cannot wait. I do not get to spend enough time with them, and there’s nothing cuter than when they’re asleep next to you and they cuddle up as close to you as they can get.

In addition to the sleepover, a good friend of mine heard from another friend about a lady who did random acts of kindness for her birthday, one for every year she was alive. So, that being said, I plan to do 21 random acts of kindness on the day of my birthday.  I have only come up with about seven, but I am working diligently (that might be a lie) on this list.  We will be in cahoots.


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