8am phone calls

This is a post I’ve wanted to do for a long time, a post that a friend of mine has whined and begged me to do (only partially true, whichever part you wish to believe is true is at your discretion).  I wanted to somehow show what kinds of things I keep by my side almost every minute of every day.  I grabbed my pocketbook, emptied its contents, and threw out old Starbucks receipts that are identical to one another: a grande non-fat iced two pump chai.  I then emptied my wallet and discarded anything not worth showing, anything with minimal meaning or embedded with some sort of crusty unknown substance, which fortunately only happened twice. I hope to let everyone take a little dive into my life and see what keeps my life on track on a daily basis. If you click on the first little photo (or even open in a new tab!), it will enlarge and you will be able to go through the whole album: something I just discovered; WordPress has never been more mysterious.

I’d like to go through each photo to tell you what it entails, I’m one of those people that spits out random facts about my life, family, friends, town, anything.  When I give tours of my town to college friends, I tend to show them really really boring things, but aspects of my town that have meaning. Not necessarily deep or heavy meaning, but just things that I remember. Things that really only have meaning to me but want to share with them and hopefully they get a teensy kick out of it.

photo two : a favorite mascara along with an old order slip from Eats. This order isn’t even in my writing, I didn’t take it. However, a coworker wrote on the back “I LOVE YOU” so I figured I’d keep it. I like Eats.

photo three : Bettie’s Cakes is a cupcake shop in Saratoga, one of my favorite places in the world.  I got this coupon but have never used it, I think the slip of paper means more than a two minute cupcake does.

photo four : this is a ticket to the premiere of Underdog. I was in a movie once. My dog Cassie and I were in Disney’s Underdog, and even though I think we ended up on the cutting room floor, I still think it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever been fortunate enough to have.  I worked for two days, ate magnificent food, and once was told that the director wanted me without my dog. I know, my big break.

photo five : this little inspirational bookmark was purchased from one of my favorite antique stores in San Diego.

photo six : a few old movie ticket stubs along with a business card from my favorite antique store in Seekonk. It’s my favorite rainy day activity.

photo seven : my Rhode Island Blood Center card stating that I am AB+, a universal recipient. Funny thing about being AB+, I’ve always felt selfish since I found out my blood type. I know it’s something that I can’t help but I feel almost saddened that I can’t give my blood to just anyone. In the upper right hand corner, there is a pink piece of paper that was an admission ticket to an amazing house tour that we took while on vacation on the Vineyard. On the bottom, there are the ferry tickets from the same trip. Separating the two is a pen from one of the greatest yearling sales in Saratoga.

photo eight : another favorite mascara and the ticket from the most amazing John Mayer concert. I kinda like him.

photo nine : spare change and a few Wally’s Chicken Coop gift cards.

photo ten : the perfect shade of pink lipstick by Jemma Kidd.

photo eleven : a rogue cigar I found in a neglected clutch.

photo twelve : keys attached to a horse bit keychain.

photo thirteen : on my seventeenth birthday, I worked a night shift at Eats and a coworker made me a card.


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