a gorgeous mess

I’ve been anxious over the past few months about finally getting a new beautiful camera. I want too many different kinds: a Diana, a Polaroid, and one that you put right up to your little eye and focus yourself.  I would especially love a Polaroid so I can create a big wall of them; polaroids of family, friends, everything. But for now, I’ll have to just be fine with one of my favorite apps on my beloved iPhone, Instagram. I truly believe it can make any picture look a thousand times better; however, I do not believe that you can call yourself a photographer just because you use Instagram.

Over Thanksgiving break, my parents and I went up to Boston to visit my brother for lunch at the Fairmont Copley Plaza.  The Fairmont is one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen, diagonally across from the Boston Public Library, somewhere that I would love to spend a whole day. The cutest dog named Catie Copley lives in the hotel. This black lab is very famous in the city of Boston and  while we were waiting outside, a Duck Tour came by and introduced her to the entire boat.  We ate at the Oak Room in the hotel and I had a pomegranate cucumber mojito, split some oysters, and a lobster roll. Delish delish delish.

On Thursday, a friend of mine kidnapped me and brought me to the Art Department where he models. I have never been to UConn’s Art Department before, and I was very excited to see this side of him. I’ve heard his countless stories about the art classes he models before and was eager to see it in person. I’ve never kicked myself so much for not having my camera on me at all times but luckily caught a few with my phone. It was such a different world and I wish we had spent triple the amount of time there that we did. I wanted to take it all in, such a talented area of UConn that nobody knows about. One thing that I was completely infatuated with was their messes of the spilled paints and dirty brushes and that the view was perfectly gorgeous. The artist’s inspiration tacked up on the wall in an effortlessly careless manner was something I wish I had memorized. Can we go back?


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