I was cruising through one of my favorite blogs, Rockstar Diaries, and found an old “maybe” post. It was possibly one of the cutest posts I had seen by her and I quickly fell in love with the idea.

…perhaps I don’t like the the taste of cooked spinach but pretend I do.

perhaps I like to call Harry any form of sugar: sugar pie, sugar britches, sugar pecan, etc.

perhaps I drive a stick just so I can tell people I drive a stick.

perhaps my greatest ambition is to own the next horse to be win the Triple Crown.

perhaps I secretly hate people who litter and believe that if you do not recycle you are lazy.

perhaps I would rather go out to lunch than go for a run.

perhaps my second greatest ambition is to work for a fashion magazine in new york city (this one will happen).

perhaps I wish I was on pretty little liars.

perhaps I could eat four grapefruits in one sitting.

perhaps I like the smell of barns. no, I’m sorry- maybe I love the smell of barns.

perhaps I don’t want to graduate.

perhaps I think that I have secret love connection with all animals.



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