fashionably full: the beginning

Ony (my good friend) and I have decided to start documenting our eating experiences. We (and by we I mean he) found a blog where two friends get dressed up and eat good food. When he informed me of this blog, I couldn’t have thought of a better idea. I believe the direct quote was “we have the clothes and the camera, what’s stopping us?” That being said, we would like to invite you into our world of food, fashion, and art- our three favorite things. We will both be doing the writing so you can really get our perspectives on our experience. I hope this section of my blog continues to grow and expand as we continue the remainder of our senior year (and then some).

Our first stop was a restaurant that we had been lusting over for quite some time. This place was welcomed into our lives by the Food Network where we were positively amazed. The next hour was spent hovered around my computer putting together the greatest creations possible, constantly wowing ourselves. The Counter is a burger place, possibly the most intensely perfect burger place. The menu is given to you on a clipboard where you take a teeny pencil (no eraser) and sinfully choose your burger, cheese, toppings, sauce, and bun.


wearing a cobalt short-sleeved top complete with a quarter exposed zipper on the back, a vintage aztec inspired necklace, skinny jeans, + metallic flats.

I loved everything about this place. The menus, the chairs, the garage door window, the square it was in complete with rocking benches on the sidewalk. We walked in and were seated by the window. Everything was clean and sleek but had a little bit of a fifties flair to it. Our waitress was bubbly and wonderful and didn’t press us as we took possibly a little too long in making our decisions. We started with what they call a “fifty-fifty” half regular fries, half sweet potato fries. Perfect name, perfect combo.  We also had to take advantage of the fried pickles because we’ve heard great things. The pickle chips came with two different sauces which we deciphered to be an apricot sauce and ranch. Both were delicious giving us a savory and a sweet option. However, I wish we could taste more of the pickle but let’s be honest, this was just a teeny tiny flaw in our amazing experience.

I looked at my clipboard and was, of course, overwhelmed. The whole ride to West Hartford, I kept saying I should have studied but Ony kept assuring me it was one of those things that you won’t know until you’re there. FALSE MY FRIEND. Overwhelmed and flustered I began to take that teeny pencil with no eraser (why would they do such a thing) to my little menu. I started with turkey and slowly and meticulously made my way through the menu. Brie, grilled pineapple, organic mixed greens, avocado, a fried egg, and ginger soy glaze. I was somewhat confident with my choices, praying I would not regret a topping choice that I had made.

The burger was perfect. Perfect perfect perfect. Too big to fit in your mouth kind of perfect. In fact, it took me a good five minutes before I had taken my first real bite. Delectable. My favorite part was the pineapple, something I had never thought to put on a burger. I cannot wait to go back and we both agreed that next time we go back, we are choosing each other’s burger.


navy wool duffle coat, grey crewneck sweatshirt,  Levi 511 jeans & L.L. Bean 6” Maine hunting shoes

Let me preface this upcoming exaltation of The Counter with this much-needed tidbit. I’m a turkey burger guy. In the summer of ‘08 I had my very first homemade turkey burger, it was loaded with onions, peppers and flavor, oh what flavor. Biting into that burger for the first time made me believe that; whosoever created such a delicacy shall have his hands blessed by the mightiest of gods granting him eternal life, for the power those hands possess shall never be forced to leave the human realm. Over the top, yes, fraudulent, not in the least, every since that moment I’ve been trying to relive my first burger, I liken it to a meth addict constantly trying to recapture his first high, sadly, no burgers have ever been close to that first one. Fast forward three years and my taste buds had the pleasure, nay the honor of experiencing this avian ecstasy yet again.

On the drive to The Counter, Emily was losing her cool, asking questions about what she was going to get, crying (figuratively of course) over the fact she didn’t have enough time to study the menu, and cursing the very existence of The Counter for not having the Market Selection readily available on the website, throwing a game changing variable into an already Herculean equation. Admittedly, I shared the same concerns; however, I was forced to remain the levelheaded member of the duo. If both our minds were to race, indecision would undoubtedly cause us to write our first Fashionably Full™ post on the chewy yet durable consistency of the McRib.

To be honest I don’t remember exactly what I ordered, I am more than positive I blacked out when creating my selection. No one man should be faced with all those choices.  Lettuce blend or organic mixed greens? What kind of twisted mind would force that upon someone?  It wasn’t until the burger was on the table that I realized exactly what I was in for. Emily was right to be freaking out, this was just outlandish.  Everything I thought I knew about holding a burger had to be thrown to the wayside in order to get this guy off the plate. After the third bite I had to bow to the burger, forsake all masculinity, and go for the fork and knife. I am still disappointed in myself. My mom always says she’ll rather be ready a week late than unprepared a day early.  I guess three years wasn’t enough time to prep. We’ll see where I stand in another five.

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  1. Marcia said:

    So where is your next post? Slacking……

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