bracelets + biscotti

I like canisters. If I could put everything in them, I would. Cookies, crayons, tea, memories, matchbooks. I want all different shapes and sizes and colors and patterns.

I want to travel the world. Not in a cliché that’s what everyone wants to do after college way, but I mean really really travel. I want to walk down cobblestone streets and take thousands and thousands of pictures. I want to eat at restaurants that are only run by families. I want to go into every museum I see. I do not want an agenda.

I like old things, but this shouldn’t be much of a shock. I like things with stories behind them and I would rather add my story to the preexisting ones than just have my one and only story with that particular item.

I have a new found love for maps. New, old, whatever I don’t really care. I want one room in my future home with maps. Maybe a map of where I lived after college, or a street map of my first home. Perhaps a map of a vacation with my future husband. Maps, I like maps.

I like lobster. What I don’t share with just anyone is the wildly unattractive way in which I eat it. I don’t think everyone I am friends with could handle this catastrophe.

my life according to my instagrams:




  1. woody said:

    I’m with you sis, I too love maps! My cocktail is sitting on a coaster that is an 1873 map of Central Sq.
    Miss you.

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