huskies today, tomorrow, and probably the day after that

Four years. I can’t believe I’ve spent (almost) four years at the University of Connecticut. I never thought the day would come and with the countdown under twenty, I’ve been reflecting on these past blissful years with awe. During the last week of freshman year, my roommate and I wrote a note and hid it in the ceiling of our little Northwest room. On a jagged piece of notebook paper, we wrote down what we thought to be the most essential rules when embarking upon freshman year.

Looking back on these four years, I’ve learned so much, probably more than in class (sorry, Mom). I’ve met some incredible people, made remarkable memories, and have had more fun than I ever thought I’d be able to handle. Below I’ve compiled a list of things I’ve learned and plan to carry with me until the end of time but would also like to pass down.

put yourself in uncomfortable situations, it’ll make you a better person.

try. and then when you fail try again. failed again? try one more time.

avoid rose-colored glasses.

play oozeball at least once.

go to the party instead of getting work done. you probably weren’t going to do it anyway.

take yourself out of a bad situation and look at it logically.

you’re a maybe when it comes to ordering wings? do it. and buy everyone else’s while you’re at it.

get lost around storrs. it’s easier than you think.


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