to breakfast

[Sunnyside – Warren, RI]

Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat at a restaurant. There’s something about the way restaurants look in the morning light or how comforting it is to be able to order a cup of hot tea and a glass of ice cold water. Everyone seems nice in the morning, strangers say “Good Morning,” waiters refill your coffee cup, it’s the perfect time. My top four brekkie places are listed below.

Nick’s on Broadway – Providence, RI

This restaurant hands down has the best breakfast in Providence. Come early or it’ll be hard to get a table, but trust me – not hitting the snooze that last time is worth the corner booth overlooking Broadway. Order a coffee, mimosa, iced coffee, OJ, and a water. Order a fruit plate, the muffin, and the steak and eggs. The steak and eggs is the only dish my father will order. It’s absolutely flawless. The horseradish sauce is something we have tried to recreate over and over again but sadly have not even come close. It’s so delicious. I want to take a bath in that sauce.

The Cottage – La Jolla, CA

Every time we visit my sister in San Diego, we take the mere fifteen minute ride for this experience. Waiting outside the restaurant for a fifteen or twenty minute wait is no pain at all, fresh coffee and pastry await you on the sidewalk. Bloody Marys are perfectly spicy to accompany the Eggs La Jolla or fish tacos. Sitting outside year round is a luxury in southern California, something we’re not so used to here on the East Coast and take with great pleasure.

Sunnyside – Warren, RI

Full of white paint, dark wood and open ceilings, this little restaurant is right on the water, with half their seating on a covered patio overlooking the bay. A small but packed menu accompanies the simplicity of the decor. Start with a wood-grilled grapefruit that comes with a little ramekin of honey. It is superb, a way I’ve never thought to eat one of my favorite fruits. A house-made bread or muffin is given to each table with two different jams to break up the wait. My top two entree choices are the Huevos Divorciados and the Dutch Baby with fresh fruit. Each unique but totally delicious.

Julians – Providence, RI

By far the best Bloody Mary on the eastern seaboard. Order this or perhaps a Pomegranate Mimosa and sit back and relax as you take in all the artsy decor. Order the New York or Desperado Benedict but substitute the home fries for the Blue Cheese and Spinach hash or the Mushroom with Boursin hash. You will not be sorry.


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