Irrational Fears of 2012

I need to start blogging more, even if it’s for one reader. And sure sure sure I say this pretty often but with no school work to do, it should be pretty easy right? Here’s to getting back into blogging even if they’re as irrelevant as this irrational fear post.

1. Ever since I lived with Laura, or actually ever since I knew her, I’ve been afraid that if I fall or trip – I’d break all my teeth, as if my arms suddenly went missing. Not because she threatened me or anything (although she was a bully), but it was one of her fears. So thanks Laur, we are now one.

2. Walking in between a parked car and another concrete surface or car, I have this overwhelming feeling that it’s going to jump forward and pin me against said hard surface. But this might only happen in Saw.

3. Stepping out or onto an elevator, if the elevator plunges down (because the cables are cut obviously) my leg will get chopped off. (usually my right leg)

4. Not moving to New York at one point in my life. Although this is more of just a fear, it’s not really irrational.

5. Sending my resume to GQ. I’m shaking just typing this one.


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