current obsessions

I’ve never had anything more than a short attention span. Rooms always end up half organized, agendas half written in. What I do though is fall 2000% in love with things and become their number one advocate. (I think I’ve told over 20 friends about cupcakerie.)

  • Johnny Cash’s quote when asked his idea of paradise: “This morning, with her, having coffee.”
  • this Etsy store where I bought my sister some prints for her birthday in January
  • I’ve decided on a winter wedding (still need a boy though). Favors will include coffee with customized coffee collars and waffles. Lots of white. Lots of fur. Lots of gold. Lots of red lipstick.
  • my new super secret pinterest board. (only one friend knows)
  • coffee. in all forms. hot, iced, cupcake, creme brûlée.
  • #100happydays
  • my favorite red lipstick: nars red lizard
  • cupcakes from a teeny cupcake bakery about a block from my apartment called cupcakerie. specifically their cinco de mayo.
  • duck rillette (please don’t ever leave our menu, I adore you)
  • my citrus print and the handwritten note of brittany wright of wright kitchen
  • bolthouse’s green goddess juice
  • to do lists and idea notebooks


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