borrowed inventory

Peeking through allie + zack’s blog posts, I found Allie’s inventory list which I stole; it’s too cute not to. A to Z (the next lovetaza) is one of my blog crushes. Thank you for letting me steal!

making: something in illustrator for my dad // cooking: shows are more fun on mute

drinking: water. three pint glasses down, it was a long night // feeling: emotionally exhausted

reading: the first pages of junot diaz’s this is how you lose her // liking: my windows open

wanting: a transcript of yesterday’s words // waiting: for meg to wake up and call me

looking: at the lifting shingles on my neighbor’s roof // feeling: grounded and secure

playing: with the frayed sleeves of my sweater // wasting: this foggy morning by staying in bed

wishing: my phone charger wasn’t so frayed // smelling: fresh air mixed with fresh flowers

enjoying: silence interrupted by the occasional car // wondering: if the benefit juice bar delivers

loving: the scotch menu i designed for work // hoping: i can bring myself to shower soon

marveling: at how early i woke up (5:30 and ready for the world) // needing: more water

wearing: oversized perfect blue thrifted oscar de la renta sweater // bookmarking: page 16

following: the curve of my mac with my thumb // noticing: mr. charlie dowe sent me a snap

knowing: i need to sweep under my armoire  // thinking: about yesterday’s wake up call

opening: a new tab for correct spelling of armoire // giggling: last occurred yesterday afternoon

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