current obsessions

this week:

  • uconn. huskies.
  • #100happydays
  • something I live by: there are two kinds of people in this world. people who don’t like raisins and people who TOLERATE RAISINS. NOBODY LIKES RAISINS.
  • recently, I’ve had this overwhelming irrational fear that I’ve developed food allergies. more importantly, these imaginary food allergies are of foods/bevs that I eat/drink all. the. time. for instance, I had quinoa the other day and I suddenly think my throat is closing. (?) ANOTHER day, I was drinking water out of a blue solo cup and I somehow believed the water was going down as if it were thick. am I allergic to the water because it is in a BLUE solo cup? probably not. 
  • I just had to cut myself off of sun chips for a bowl of raisin bran. no, I know, we all have flaws.
  • Momma and I like dishes. in Home Goods, she frequently finds new every day dishes she wants to buy and states “I should just break what I have so I can buy new ones.”
  • newest addition to my coat world: jcrew color blocked anorak
  • harry’s progression after the surgery
  • our spring menu, specifically the field greens salad (sub kale)
  • cold brewed coffee
  • march/april weekends with college friends (stamford, nyc, storrs)
  • vsco cam (do you all pronounce it vee-sko-cam?)
  • helping and supporting friends with projects
  • my job (still 1000% obsessed)
  • new work projects
  • mission to find a letterman jacket to be worn with slouchy white tee, rolled jeans, heels, and curls. maybe a coral lip. inspiration here



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