friday facts

I’ve realized this blog has become lists and I’m alright with that since that’s primarily what my life revolves around.

  • i intertwine bracelets so they all stay together on my wrist, otherwise they bother me.
  • i thrive on secret blogs.
  • Kitty definitely likes me but when i ask for a kiss, he suddenly becomes very distant.
  • flat iron curls have been perfected (takes less than ten minutes)
  • fonts are one of my favorite things to look at/soak in, but i am sad everyone doesn’t see their beauty. they are pieces of art but everyone is allowed to use them, even make them their own.
  • i don’t wear glasses… i should. but anytime i draw myself, i for some reason include them.
  • flats when it’s not snowing or raining. but yes, i almost always wear them when there is snow or rain on the ground.
  • if anyone new comes to town and we pass the Big Blue Bug, i tell them the story of that time the Big Blue Bug was on tour and they had a baby one in it’s place. every. time.
  • i was in a Disney movie… underdog. skipped school for two days and ate some really great swordfish.

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