#100happydays: a response




Thought Catalog published this article called “6 Reasons Why I Think #100HappyDays is a Waste of Time” with six points (bolded below) developing their idea. Sure, we’ve all seen the jokes, the #happytrods references, the #100crappydays. Not everyone is going to be behind every project, not everyone is going to like every project. But it’s not about what other people think right? Isn’t that what happiness is about anyway?


1. Happiness is usually felt, not seen.

Happiness isn’t about watching the server at Olga’s frantically look for your number so she can deliver your pulled pork sandwich with extra cole slaw? What about when you stand so close to the base of the Providence Art Club and feel utterly overwhelmed with its beauty? I understand happiness is a “feeling” and may not need, or want for that matter, to be articulated in a picture, but let’s not make this harder than it has to be. #100HappyDays has a simple request: each day, take a picture of something that makes you happy.

2. Other people won’t get it why I’m happy with this, with that.

Isn’t that the point?

3. I am generally happy as is.

You’re right. I guess we should never try anything new because at this moment, I am generally happy as is.

4. Being always on the lookout for the “big one” unlinks you with the universe.

Alright, I’m not going to lie to you. Throughout those one hundred days, I was constantly on the lookout for what my #happytrods post will be. But in my case, it did benefit me. The search has led me to neighborhoods I’ve never been, passions that have developed, and ideas that would have never been created. It has led me to realizing it takes me three eggs before perfecting the ideal runny yolk, how my lack of storage space has forced me into creatively displaying my necklaces and shoes, and how my daily purchases can tend to stay within one color family.

 5. Happiness strikes quickly.

“Life’s most genuine moments of happiness are those that usually happen within a blink of an eye, without any screen in between you and the magnificence, and with no buttons to push.” Yes most moments of happiness are within a blink of an eye, but how amazing is it that we can now capture these moments? There’s always a story behind a photograph, maybe something dramatic and fierce, or maybe that it took you so long to construct the photograph that you didn’t have time to eat it but fortunately, the beauty of the photo satisfied that hunger.

6. Sharing my happiness doesn’t make me any happier.

It does. It makes me happy to see other people enjoying something aesthetically pleasing that has been put into the world. It makes me happy to know that someone looked forward to seeing my posts every day, even if it was just Momma. It makes me happy that 3,000 miles away, my sister was gloating to her colleagues over lunch at her design firm. The best part of this challenge is you get to choose which moment you post. It sounds shallow, taking a picture of something that made you happy. Something. It can be anything. ANYTHING. Get creative. Get deep, stay shallow. It’s about what makes you happy, only you.

**to see all #100happydays, visit: http://instagram.com/eetrodson


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