updated inventory


making: pitchers of green tea to keep iced at all times // reading: old food magazines

cooking: channels are a necessity // drinking: coffee every morning on the porch

wanting: this yarn tapestry // looking: through a regular’s family photo album

playing: with my short(er) hair // deciding: to include more black in my wardrobe

wishing: for a long fall // following: a long lost girl crush on instagram

enjoying: the lack of humidity // loving: the pharmacy a block away that carries beer + wine

wondering: how delicious a bourbon latté is  // waiting: for a day in boston

considering: making one of my bedroom closets into a cigar rolling room // needing: proofs

watching: orange. is. the. new. black. // hoping: we have a smooth service

marveling: at how amazing nick’s chicken liver pâté is // smelling: pizza doughs being grilled

wearing: black tank with leather detail + exposed zipper, a nude lip // disliking: riesling

admiring: janine tollady‘s life // sorting: through old birchbox products

buying: probably that yarn tapestry // getting: anxious for fall

lusting: to live in the dean hotel // eating: my third gluten free peanut butter cookie

knowing: i need to visit new york soon // thinking: how crazy lucky i am to have gotten this apt

bookmarking: september twenty seventh // liking: sunchokes

opening: the newest to my popcorn collection, sweet + spicy // feeling: fairly fatigued



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